Using Unity 4 For Making a Video Game

By | July 30, 2014

Unity 4

Getting Started

Unity 4 is an easy to use cross-platform engine that’s powerful enough to support 2D and 3D games. Learn how Unity 4 can help you with making a video game in this article!

What is Unity 4

Unity 4 is an easy to use yet a very powerful 3D game engine.  It’s graphical interface makes it easily usable for the beginner, but it also contains the power housing for the expert video game developer. Unity 4 is for anybody who is interested in making  a video game for desktop, console, mobile, and the web.


Unity 4 is free forever!  To an extent of course.  There is a Pro version of Unity that comes with extra features that aren’t needed for most video games.  However, if you find out that you need to purchase a license it starts at $1,500.  For the Indie developers that prefer a monthly subscription, it starts at $75/month and all the same features are included as if you purchased the license out right.


Installing Unity 4 is straight forward.  If you haven’t downloaded a copy of it yet make sure you do so first here.  The only thing that is needed for the free version of Unity 4 is to register an account which can be done when asked for your username and password after the installation.

Making a Video Game


Starting a New Project

When you start Unity 4 for the first time a welcome screen will popup.



Getting Started Making a Video Game



An example project loads up for the first time as well.  It’s a basic project that allows anyone to see the capabilities of Unity 4 right after installation. To give it a test run just hit the Play button at the top of the screen. Looks like the image below.

Unity 4 Play Button


Unity 4 is an all around great engine for making video games.  It’s something that can be used for basic to advanced projects giving it the capability of lasting a lifetime.   Get it now and start making that next hit video game!


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